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Hello, my name is Tonita.

I help clients to heal body and mind as well as restore a sense of well-being to create positive change in their lives.

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Everything in our world is energy including you.

Initial Reiki Session

Tailored for first-time clients, this session includes a complimentary 15 minute consultation, 60 minutes of Reiki and personalised self-care program following treatment.

Standard Reiki Session

This session includes 60 minutes of Reiki and a personalised self-care program following treatment.

Extended Reiki Session

This session includes 90 minutes of Reiki and a personalised self-care program following treatment.

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Kind Words

Tonita is a grounded Reiki practitioner who works with great care and consideration. She is very professional in the way that she operates.

Prior to my first session I was sent information about how she works and the lineage under which she is trained. It is obvious that she has a deep understanding and passion for this modality. Reiki with Tonita left me feeling very relaxed and grounded, with energy flowing more freely through the body. Thank you Tonita.

H.E. Sydney, NSW

Sceptical about alternative health practices in general, I decided to try Reiki upon the recommendation of a friend who had experienced positive health benefits from this modality of energy healing.

I experienced debilitating migraines over the period of a month during winter. My habitual go-to solutions, over the counter medications, cold head compresses and increased amounts of sleep provided no relief on this occasion.

I organised two distant Reiki sessions with Tonita. She took the time to answer my (many)questions about the process and quelled the nagging doubts in my mind – I had reservations about how impactful Reiki energy healing could be with 10,500 miles between us!

The Reiki treatment itself was extremely relaxing and calming; I experienced warm sensations throughout my body as I drifted in and out of consciousness. As part of the personalised self-care program, Tonita provided feedback on what she had intuited during the session and gave advice on how to take care of my health and well-being in the days following treatment. I did not experience migraines after the second session of Reiki.

Reiki energy healing is quite remarkable. I experienced first-hand how effective it can be –an open mind and a willingness to improve your health is all you need. I now recommend this treatment to others. Thank you very much Tonita.

C.M United Kingdom

I had distant Reiki with Tonita as I am based in the UK. She was very considerate and professional when arranging the appointment and during the follow-up aftercare program.

We arranged a time that was convenient for us both (due to UK and Australian time zones). Tonita provided me with plenty of information beforehand so that I knew what to expect during both sessions. I can honestly say that Reiki helped me with the back injury that I was suffering from as well as other aspects of my health I had asked Tonita to focus upon. I wouldn't go anywhere else - 100% recommend.

No-one will make you feel as comfortable as Tonita does. She has a calming aura that really helps you to put your trust in her and the process.

L Padget United Kingdom

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